(extract from regulations)

5.4 The lead time is calculated from the correct placement of the order, i.e. acceptance and confirmation.
5.4.1 Delivery times vary depending on the product selected and the options selected in the product. Lead times (specified in working days) are given online when browsing products in the shop or in the order summary.
5.4.2 In the case of Products with different delivery periods, the delivery period shall be the longest period stated.
5.5 The start of the period for delivery of the Product to the Customer is counted from confirmation of payment for the order and confirmation of the correctness of the order placed.
5.5.1. Confirmation of payment - if the Customer chooses to pay by bank transfer, electronic payment or payment card - shall be deemed to be receipt of the payment into the Seller's bank account or settlement account.
5.5.2 Confirmation of the correctness of the order placed. An employee of the Seller personally confirms the correctness of the order placed together with the delivered materials. The correctness of the order is checked only for orders that are paid for.
If preparatory or adaptation work (e.g. design development and approval, preparation of files or other work necessary for execution) is required for the execution of the order, the start of the execution period may be postponed by the time required for this work. Information on the correctness and acceptance of the order for execution is documented by sending an email confirming acceptance for execution. The binding delivery date of the order (planned dispatch date) always remains the information sent in the order confirmation email.
5.6 The 'Printing House' is not responsible for defects and delays in order fulfilment resulting from incorrect preparation by the Client of the file required for order fulfilment (incompatible with the technical specification given in the recommendations) or any other reason which makes it impossible to use it for correct order fulfilment.
5.7 The delivery date of an order or one of its items may be missed on the part of the Seller in the event of force majeure (e.g. breakdown). In such a case, the Customer will be informed immediately.