Ongoing cooperation is all about benefits:

  1. A fixed discount of 20% on all products available in the online shop.
  2. Additional discount to 10% from turnover.
  3. No-name shipments directly to your customer.
  4. Full order history
  5. Easy duplication of orders

Agency discount 20%

The agency discount (also for graphic designers and designers) is 20%.

In order to receive a discount on our products, you must be professionally involved in the design or production of printing materials or in any other way be associated with the printing industry.

How to get an agency discount

- When registering, please enter the details of the company that will be the payer. Subsequent eligibility for discounts is determined on the basis of this data.
- Send an email to in the subject line by writing "Agency discount". Our employee may ask for some proof of agency business or as a graphic designer or designer.

Turnover discounts 

In addition, you can apply for an additional turnover discount. These amount to:

  • 5% for orders over 2000 € placed and paid in the last 3 months
  • 8% for orders over 3000 € placed and paid in the last 3 months
  • 10% for orders over 4000 € placed and paid within the last 3 months

Turnover discounts add up with agency discount if granted.