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Gilding and silvering with 3D UV varnish - Design with brilliance

Voucher for gold-plated 3D UV varnish

3D relief foiling 

3D gilding and silvering with UV varnish is a matrix-free technique for applying metallised foil. Using very strong pressure rollers, the metallised foil is applied over the entire surface. However, it only adheres to those areas on the material where the so-called surface tension is appropriate. 

Gilding and silvering or the "cast" or "liquid gold or silver" effect 

It is achieved by selective coating with a special convex material. The thickness of such a layer depends on several factors and ranges from 50 - 150 microns. It is then covered with a metallised film as described above. The metallised foil only adheres to the special convex material, giving a beautiful effect of a thick convex layer of gold, silver or another colour.

Why use gilding and silvering with 3D UV varnish?

  1. Elegance and Prestige: These techniques add a luxurious finish to projects, making them look more exclusive and prestigious.

  2. Distinction: Gilding and silvering allow you to stand out from the competition. Your designs will become more eye-catching and memorable.

  3. Three-dimensional effect: 3D UV varnish creates a relief effect, giving the prints three-dimensionality and depth.

  4. Application Universal: These techniques are versatile and can be applied to a variety of projects, from business cards to product packaging or wedding invitations.

Black certificate gilding UV varnish 3D

How to use gilding and silvering in projects?

  1. Business cards: Add elegance to your business cards by gilding or silvering logos or important details.

  2. Vouchers: The 3D relief foiling effect is truly impressive
  3. Product packaging: Gilding or silver plating can give products a luxurious feel, increasing their appeal.

  4. Wedding invitations and celebration cards: Give your invitations or greeting cards a special sparkle that will be remembered for a long time.

  5. Promotional material: Use these techniques on leaflets, brochures or brochures to attract the attention of potential customers.

Black gift voucher gilding UV varnish 3D + soft touch foil
Navy blue pendants gilded 3D UV lacquer

Limitations of the gilding and silver plating technique (also known as Metallic 3D)

  • 1. 3 mm margins around the edges of the business card should be maintained when designing both UV convex varnish and gilding (silvering).
  • 3 The smallest element should be no smaller than 0.4 mm and the gaps between them no smaller than 0.5 mm. If these gaps are smaller then 'flooding' of the gap may occur.


3D gilding and silvering with UV varnish are techniques that add an extraordinary shine and elegance to your designs. They allow you to stand out from the competition and give your designs a three-dimensional effect. If you are looking for a way to enhance the quality and appeal of your designs, consider using these advanced printing techniques. Your design deserves the brilliance and depth that gilding and silvering with 3D UV varnish can deliver.



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