No, with ours you do not need an account to place an order. You can do so without registering. However, we recommend that you create an account with us, as this gives you access to your order history and easy renewal. You can also enter a database of shipping addresses and order shipping anonymously.

A registration confirmation is sent when a new account is created. If you did not receive a confirmation email, it is likely that you provided an email address with an error or the email went to spam. Please check your spam folder. If you have any problems, you can contact our service desk.

Personal data is kept confidential and properly secured. The requirements related to RODO are met. If you suspect that access to your account has been taken by an unauthorised person or you have a suspicion that this data has been leaked, please contact us immediately.

With regard to the functioning of the website and the presentation of the offer:
Studio Grafiki i Technik Internet Marcin Bieniecki - owner of the service
In terms of IT support (server):
Multinet company (Audio Systems s.c., ul. 29 Grudnia 5c, 63-460 Nowe Skalmierzyce)
In terms of carrying out the shipment of goods, depending on the choice of carrier:
UPS Polska Sp. z o.o. with its registered office in Warsaw
DHL International GmbH
Poczta Polska

No. On your own, you cannot do this. This is only possible where the calculation allows it. The number of designs to be printed must then be entered in the appropriate field. The print run is then the sum of all the designs. For example, a number of 4 designs and a print run of 1000 means that you will receive 4 x 250 business cards. If the calculation allows, you can divide the number of designs as you wish, but still keep the minimum print run for one design. The minimum print run for one design is usually 100 pieces.

Yes you can. Not all feasible products are included in the offer. Please send us your enquiry via the contact form.

No, unfortunately. And it's not a question of price, it's just that the prints are made collectively straight away in target runs. We can alternatively send you samples of products made in the past.

Not necessarily. Please send your design for free verification. Submit it by email or any other way. We will check your design for free. We will let you know if it is correct, if it needs to be corrected or redone.

Not necessarily, but a formal order is needed to commission a design service. We do not make or send designs before a transaction is concluded.

No! The design only concerns the general pattern. If it is already approved, the preparation of several additional designs differing only in data will be free of charge.

We need guidance and data from you to complete the project. Any suggestions and additional material such as logos, photos, texts are welcome. As soon as the design is ready, we will email it to you for approval. If you have any doubts or comments on it, we will implement them. Don't worry - we will work on it until you are completely satisfied.

Up to 3 working days from receipt of instructions and materials.

The first day counts from the day after the guidelines have been agreed and any materials have been sent. If you are purchasing an item for which you are ordering a design service, please take into account that the deadline for the completion of the entire order (product + design) may be extended by the time needed for design and approval. We work from Monday to Friday except holidays.

No, we are making one proposal. If you do not consider it sufficient, we will then prepare another proposal on the basis of the comments you have made, taking into account the amendments.

You have the right to comment on it. We then make corrections and send it again for approval. And so on until the happy ending 🙂 .

The copyright in the designs under copyright law shall remain the property of the Seller until they are bought out or surrendered with the Seller's consent.

Unfortunately not! The project only concerns a utility model. Logos are priced differently. Contact us and ask for a logotype and basic corporate design package

The first day counts from the day after the design is accepted and the job is sent to print. If you are bidding on an auction for which you are ordering an additional design service, the deadline may be extended by the time it takes to complete the design and approval. We work from Monday to Friday except holidays. Don't forget to add the time needed for shipping.

We often manage to complete an order 1 or 2 days ahead of schedule, but we cannot guarantee this. From time to time, unfortunately, it happens to us that we delay the fulfilment of an order, due to a breakdown or re-do, if we consider that the goods do not meet the quality requirements. We endeavour to always inform you of such a situation.

Only an order that has not yet been processed can be cancelled. No costs are then incurred by the customer. If any work has already been done on it or on the design for it, it is unfortunately not possible to cancel such an order.

Yes, the basket summary shows the price for such shipping. It is assumed that the destination shipping country is the country of the orderer. For example, if the orderer is based in France, the shipping costs are quoted with this destination country as the country of dispatch.

Yes, for customised products please ask via the contact form.

Once an order has gone to press, it is usually no longer possible to change the design. Therefore, please check the design carefully before sending it to print. Any complaints regarding any errors or mistakes in the text or graphics will not be accepted.

The general guidance contained in the article how_to_prepare_the_project

In addition, we provide templates for almost every product and sometimes sample files to facilitate design.

There are several ways to deliver files:

  • Via this page - by attaching to your order. This can be done on the product page or in the shopping basket
  • email - to

As print-ready files, we prefer PDF format. 

We also accept other image file formats.

Artwork is printed as supplied by the customer. The printing house is under no obligation to make corrections, modifications etc.

If technically possible, we can make such adjustments at the customer's request, but this may incur an additional cost.

The printing house checks the files sent before printing, however, it does not guarantee 100% the certainty of catching possible errors revealed in printing. The printing house guarantees proper preparation for printing only if the customer purchases the design service.

We endeavour to deal with complaints promptly. However, in some cases this may take longer. The maximum time for this is 14 days after receipt of the complaint.

In the event that the complaint is rejected, the costs of delivery and reshipment of the goods complained of will be borne by the customer.

During the execution of the order, the customer it is not possible to withdraw from the transaction. The general provisions concerning the right of withdrawal are not applicable here. This is due to the specific nature of the goods and services ordered from the Printing House, which are made to a specific order and the Printing House does not have the possibility of their possible resale.

It is possible to cancel a purchase only if the execution of the order has not yet started or the design work has not been started.

A provision of the Act states: The consumer does not have the right to withdraw from the contract without stating a reason if he or she buys a non-refabricated item manufactured to his or her specifications or intended to meet his or her personalised needs.

Claims for damage to shipments in transit must be made immediately. If the damage is immediately visible upon receipt then a damage report must be drawn up. Ask the courier delivering the parcel to do this in your presence. Then send the report to us.

(3) Complaints concerning the quality of services or products may be submitted no later than 14 days after their receipt. After reporting the complaint, it should be sent in writing to the address of the Printing House. It is also necessary to deliver the whole of the complained order item, to the address of the Printing House, by means of a forwarding company. The cost of shipment in case the complaint is accepted will be covered by the 'Printing House'.

Generally yes. Please contact us about this. Sometimes taking a few photos is enough to consider a complaint as positive. Complaints about print quality if 100% of the advertised print run is not sent may be considered negative.

There are certain technological limitations imposed by printing. We do not guarantee perfect colour reproduction especially when it comes to comparisons with the colours on customers' monitors.

Slight colour differences may occur from printing the same job on different machines and at different times. Such differences are not subject to complaint.

Due to the specific nature of production at the Printing House, the quantity ordered may vary. In most cases these differences are no greater than +/- 5%. In the case of more technologically advanced goods, e.g. business cards embossed, UV spot varnished or hot-stamped, these differences may reach up to 10%.