The PRINTAGRAM service was created for those users who wish to use printing services freely and conveniently. The experience we have gained over the years has enabled us to create a service that we hope will serve you comfortably and expertly.

At all times you can count on our experience and assistance in preparing your work for print. Errors and possible risks are usually picked up by us at the design stage and consulted with the customer. If we notice any ambiguities ALWAYS we will call or write you to clarify - NEVER in such a situation, we will not apply the principle "as sent is as printed".

Ordering products from our print shop is simple. It differs from traditional online shopping in that, in addition, it is necessary to send data for printing or a ready-made file (the procedures for sending materials for printing are described on the information page Transfer of files). Due to the specific nature of printing products (e.g. a business card with a printed name as opposed to a cosmetic product can only find one customer), purchases in our printing house are subject to certain safeguards. These are contained in the terms and conditions, which you should familiarise yourself with.