Find the perfect paper for your projects: our set of paper samples

Have you ever been faced with choosing the perfect paper for your projects and not known which would be best? It's a choice that can have a significant impact on the final outcome of your business cards, vouchers, elegant envelopes or company labels. As a print shop, we understand how important paper is in the printing process and that's why we have a solution for you! 🎯

Our set of paper samples

We would like to introduce you to our paper sample kit to help you assess exactly which paper is best suited to your needs. Our kit contains the full range of decorative papers that we use in our print shop. The paper is grouped by type and combined into practical stacks, making it easy to compare different options and choose the perfect paper for your project.

Without markings

What's more, our samples have no labelling whatsoever, so you are free to present them to your clients and subcontractors. This is a great tool for resellers and advertising agencies to help you make informed decisions without worrying about possible confusion with labelling.

Why choose our sample set

  • Accurate Assessment: Our kit will allow you to accurately assess the texture, colour and quality of any type of paper.
  • Informed Choices: With the kit, you will be able to make more informed decisions when choosing paper for your projects.
  • Practical Comparison: You can directly compare different types of paper and choose the one that best meets your needs.
  • Excellent Business Tool: It is also a great tool for print companies that want to offer the highest quality to their customers.


Don't waste time searching for the perfect paper by trial and error. Our set of paper samples will allow you to choose exactly what you need with complete confidence. Visit our paper gallery and order your kit today! Choose the best solution for your projects and raise the quality of your projects with a great selection of paper.