Technologies, Business cards

Golden edges

Business cards with gold-plated edges

Special metalized film

Foil edges are obtained by covering the edges with a metallized foil. It would seem that the foil for coloring the edges is the same as for hot-stamping. However, this is not always the case. The foil for coloring the edges must have very good adhesion parameters. It is also applied in a different way. The foil must stick to the edges very carefully so that there is no effect of breaking its fragments.


Currently, only gold, silver and copper colours are possible. The best visual effects are when the business cards or passes are thick - composed of two or more layers of paper. The thicker the product then the shinier the colours are, the more noticeable they are on a single piece handed out in person.

Gilded stack of business cards

Not every paper

Not suitable on all papers. Not suitable for low density papers, especially cotton papers (Wild, Cotton, etc.) Due to the low density, the substrate for the film is then not good and may not "hold" the film layer. Especially because the paper on the cut edge side has different properties to its surface.

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