Business cards with selected elements covered with spot glossy varnish. Transparent UV varnish (lacquer) is hardened with UV rays (ultraviolet). Thanks to this varnishing some elements of the design may be accentuated and highlighted - i.e. emhasized glossy logo - or create new elements to complement and enhance the look of your business card. UV varnish applied on a standard or soft-touch matte foil stands out and can be used to create patterns, textures, etc. Business cards with spot UV varnish viewed at different angles and in different lighting conditions respond differently than a flat matte surface, adding "life" to artwork. The areas covered with spot UV varnish have a structure that is noticeable to the touch.
When viewed from different angles and in different lighting conditions, business cards with UV convex varnish respond differently to a flat matt surface bringing additional 'life' to designs. The areas covered with UV convex varnish have a tactile texture.

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