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Screen printing - How do you apply it to your product?

Business card using screen printing technique

Unusual Printing Technique: Learn about Screen Printing

Screen printing is a fascinating printing method that has many applications and offers amazing possibilities in the field of graphic design. In this article, we will take a closer look at this technique to help you understand its essence and applications. Here's what you should know about this remarkable technique:

1 How does screen printing work?

The process involves applying ink only to areas where the screen surface is porous and transparent through and through. Each colour requires the preparation of a separate screen, which may seem time-consuming but guarantees excellent results. The colours available in this technique are from the Pantone basic palette, giving a wide range of personalisation options.

2. Choice of ink type in screen printing

The inks used in screen printing can be transparent, although opaque inks are most commonly used. The latter practically completely cover the colour of the substrate or other ink to which they are applied. This is why we prefer opaque inks in our work, especially in vector graphics where full colour coverage is important. It is worth noting, however, that screen printing is not suitable for raster technology and does not allow for the creation of tonal transitions, tints or the printing of photographs.

3. specifics of the screen printing technique

The method is extremely versatile and effective, but it has its limitations. One important aspect is the smell of the paint. With a large area of coverage, the smell of the paint may be noticeable. However, this is a temporary issue, as after a few days the odour naturally evaporates, leaving only permanent and perfectly executed prints.


Screen printing is a printing technique that has many advantages, but also some limitations. It is ideal for projects that require full colour coverage and intense, long-lasting colours. If you need unique prints on your products, screen printing can be an excellent choice. Keep in mind, however, that there are some technical and fragrance aspects associated with it that are worth considering. If you have any questions or need advice, we can help!

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