Tamper proof labels & seals

Self-adhesive warranty foil with full colour print. Unables the warranty seals to be removed and reused.

Tamper proof labels & seals

35.00  zł   -tax incl.

Tamper proof labels & seals - For small amount of money you will get full colour warranty seals of the highest quality. This special self-adhesive foil is very sticky and permanently glues to clean surfaces.

This special vinyl has very strong glue. PVC layer is very thin and fragile, and in cunjuction with very high stickness of the labels unables the warranty seals to be removed without damaging it. Adhesion is greater than the tear resistance of the film. (watch the movie below).

Egdes of the sticker should remain uncovered (white).

Cutting lines can be straight or curved (stickers may have rectengular or custom shapes).



Personalizing (custom numbered)
Personalizing (printing unique number to each label) is available. Provide us with the set or range of numbers you want to be printed on the stickers.

Who buys tamper proof labels?
Our customers are mainly mobile phones services, mobile phones and electronic shops, electronics and computer distributors, laptop manufacturers and services, furniture manufacturers etc.

Why us?
You order as much as you need. We do not use expensive technology like offset, litho or screenprinting. Our printng house uses specially dedicated foil.

Foil used: ORACAL Safety Vinyl 820
Orafol Europe GmbH (

Data sheet
Production time4 business days. Additional options may extend that period.