Ring binders. Digital print

Ring binders (files, folders) customly designed. With professional D-shaped metal clamps and latching mechanism.

Ring binders

31.71  zł   -tax incl.

Ring binders with mechanisms for clutching documents.

Ring binders (files) are folders in which punched pieces of paper may be held by means of clamps running through the holes in the paper. These retainers are D-shaped spring-loaded. 2-clamps or 4-clamps mechanisms.

Cover of the binder is custom designed. Produced on 2 mm solid corrugated board covered on outer side with preprinted DIGITALY self-adhesive paper and protected with glossy foil. Inner side of ring binders is covered with white paper. Just provide us with some custom artwork and we'll make ring binders for you or for your company. Below you may download the template for designing purposes.

A binder is a container for archiving, organizing items in a way that makes it easier to search. The use of binders is due to the need to assemble objects in a proper order, which are left loose in bulk, may be lost, destroyed, disordered or rendered difficult to search.

Despite the fact that in the computer age most of our documents are in electronic form, there are still lot of traditional documents, paper invoices or letters. Our binders give you the ability to keep your documents clear so they are easy to find and segregate. Solid costruction of the latching mechanism gives you a guarantee of safety. Plus our binder is equipped with a pressing lock.