Letterheads A4 or A5

Offset print letterhead used for company business correspondence.

Letterheads A4

132.13  zł   -tax incl.

Offset print made directly from computer's file. Full-colour print - unlimited number of CMYK colours. Standard paper stock , grammage 90 or 120 gsm.

There is possibility of printing on all surface without quality loss. It is perfect to use in laser printers and copiers as well as ink printers.

This is NOT a digital print
Our letterheads can be used with all types of printers



When buying envelopes, letterheads etc. you should first check production engineering. There are many tempting offers where paper is printed solid-ink or digital laser method. This kind of stationery may look as good, but can be used only for ink-jet printers. Under the influence of heat from laser printers or copiers (over 100 Celsius degrees) print melts down, absorbs and smudges on the paper. It can cause damages of heating elements in laser printers and copiers.