Discount program for resellers.

To get a discount on our products offered on the website you must meet the following conditions:

1. Design or produce printing materials or otherwise be related to the printing industry.
2. Register and have an active account at

Discount procedure.

3. Place at least 1 order on our website of any value. The first order is always made on the basis of standard prices. 
4. When submitting your first order, please carefully check the company that will be the payer. On the basis of this data, the subsequent entitlement to the discount is determined.
5. Submit a discount request to Request for content "Request for discount for resellers" should be supported by attaching to it a scan of the document confirming printing activity or other related to graphic design.
6. After accepting the application, we send an email with confirmation. From this point after logging in all the prices on the products pages will be displayed with the discount.

Discount rates

7. The amount of discounts depends on the sum of the orders placed after 1.06.2017.
8. Discount Rates: 0-5000 PLN - 5%, 5000-15000 PLN - 10%, over 15000 PLN - 15%
9. Changes in the amount of discounts are made at the beginning of each month.

Functioning of the rebate system in practice.

Client identification and permissions.

10. Discount is NOT allocated to the user (the person who logs on). The discount is given to the specific company on which the invoices are issued. This means that the user will receive a rebate only if the payer of the order is a company entitled to receive a discount. It is also possible for several users to place orders on behalf of one eligible company (on the order of several different employees or co-owners of the same company).
11. The system automatically determines these permissions based on invoiced data such as Name, Address, NIP which define the legitimate company in our system.

Palcing orders with discount.

12. To get a discount when placing an order, the invoice data must be identical to the data of the eligible company. The discount will not be granted if the user changes the company's data to invoices, or is wrong in entering data (the data must be identical - including spaces, dots, etc.).
13. If you have formally changed your company's data, you should report this fact. After updating the data in our system you will be able to reuse the discounted amount