Designing service

Atention! We make designs and send them only after placing a formal order.

To start designing we need some initial information you want to include on the product. Any suggestions are welcomed as well as other materials, ie. logo, photos, texts. As soon as we have the artwork done you'll get it via email for approval. If you have any doubts or sugestions about it we do necessary amendments. Don't worry - we can work on and on until your full satisfation.


  • Will I receive few proposals to choose from?

    No, We'll prepare one proposal for approval. If in your opinion this proposal will not meet your requirements we'll prepare another artwork. This will include your suggestions taken into account.

  • What if I do not like the artwork?

    You have the right to submit comments. Then we make corrections and send the artwork again for acceptance. And so until a happy end :)

  • I want to order several business cards for my colleagues in the company. Do I pay for each name? 

    No! Designing service fee refers only to designing the item in general. If it is already approved, preparing a few additional projects that differ only in the data will be free.

  • I have my own artwork, but I'm not sure it is technically ok. Do I need to buy this service?

    Not necessary. We advice sending your artwork for FREE checking. Please provide it by email or any other way. We'll examine your file for free. We'll tell you if your artwork is ok, needs some amendments, or has to be remade.

  • Can you design a logo by the way?

    No! The service applies only to the product. Logotypes are valued in a completely different way.

Time required

up to 3 business days since obtaining the suggestions and materials

The first day counts from the day following the consultation of the guidelines and the sending of materials. If you are ordering this design service along with the other product, please take into consideration that the deadline for completing the entire order (product + design) may be extended by the time needed for designing and acceptance. We work from Monday to Friday except holidays.

Copyrights for the artwork stay at us according to the law, and may be departed by permission.