All items you buy in our shop are well wrapped and securely packed. Large parcels are usually made with big and thick carton boxes and small one's with bubblewrap envelopes or small carton boxes.


During the order checkout you decide which delivery company is used. In some cases the choice may be limited because of weight, size and delivery address of the parcel. At the moment we use:

National mail operators 


Shipping fees are calculated automatically for the each order separately and may differ. Fees depend on the weight and wrapping type of all the items in the cart. Shipping fees given include handling and packing charges.

Delivery time

Here are APPROXIMATE delivery times for selected countries:

 UPSUPS ExpressUPSUPS StandardNational mail operator
Polandnext b.daynext b.day1-2 b.days
Great Britainnext b.day3-4 b.days3-6 b.days
Spainnext b.day3-5 b.days4-6 b.days
Czech Republic, Slovakianext b.day2 b.days2-5 b.days
Germany, Hollandnext b.day2-3 b.days2-5 b.days
Austria, France, Italy, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatianext b.day3-4 b.days3-6 b.days
Malta, Irelandnext b.day3-5 b.days4-7 b.days
Greece, Romania, Bulgarianext b.day4-6 b.days4-7 b.days
Europe (outside EU)1-2 b.days3-6 b.days4-7 b.days
USA, Canadanext b.day3-4 b.days4-7 b.days
Rest of the world1-2 b.days3-6 b.days4-10 b.days
* b. day - means business day

However delivery time ususally not exceeds values given above, we cannot guarantee delivery during these periods. Due to different possible circumstances the delivery time may be longer. Delivery turnaround time depends on the delivery companies.


Every package ship from our shop has it's own tracking number and may be tracked over shipping companies website.