Plastic cards

Hard plastic cards suitable for banking, customer loyalty programmes, ad campaigns etc.

Plastic cards

480.00  zł   -tax incl.

Cards of size specified by ISO 7810 regulations (85,72 x 54,03 x 0,76mm). Rigidity and durability same as typical credit cards. Litho offset technology provides best possible print quality.

Can be used as banking, payment, loyalty, discout, club, or gift cards. As an option also available: 

  • numbering including bar codes
  • magnetic stripes + encoding
  • electronic chip modules + encoding
  • embossing
  • signature panels.
  • shiny metalic ink in the background,
  • special ink colous (gold, silver, and others from Pantone palette)
  • matt lamination instead of gloss
  • transparent plastic
  • holograms