Paper tags, Swing tags, Hang tags

Paper tags, swing tags, hang tags. May be covered with foil on both sides or on one side only for writing or stamping purposes.

Paper tags, Swing tags, Hang tags

60.50  zł   -tax incl.

Paper tags of size 85x54 mm (typical credit card size). Corners rounded. Full colour double-side printed. Standard paper 350 gsm both side coated or one side coated (depends on the finishing option chosen). Laminated on one side only or on both sides. If laminated on one side only, back side is printed but remains uncovered for writing or stamping purposes. 

Perfect as paper tags, swing tags, hang tags (especially useful with textile products and cloth).

Cards may have a 5 mm hole done near the short edge. There's possibility to make hole in any other place, which may be indicated on the design.

The whole pile of cards is cut by a special machine to avoid irregularities. Due to possible mismatch during die-cutting we recommend not to design frames.