Golden / silver business cards

Business cards covered with gold or silver foil. Convexity option - the effect of "cast of gold" or "liquid gold".

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Raised golden print business cards. The effect of liquid gold. Lamination soft touch

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NEW! Check out our exclusive business cards on decorative papers in the new website

Goldenig (silvering) of business cards
This technique uses the non-matrix application of a metallized film. With the help of very strong pressure rollers, the metallized film is applied to the entire surface. But it fixes only in those places on the material where the intermolecular tension on the surface is appropriate.

The "cast gold" (or "liquid gold") effect involves the combination of 2 techniques. The first technique is covering with a convex spot uv varnish. The thickness of such a layer of uv varnish depends on several factors and ranges from 50-150 microns. The second technique is gilding (silvering) as described above. Therefore, the metallized foil adheres only to the convex UV varnish giving a beautiful effect of a thick convex layer of gold.

Limitations of the gilding technique (silvering)
1. Keep the 3 mm margins around the edge of the business card when designing both UV concealed varnish and gilding (silvering).
2. The acceptable lack of uniform coverage is 1%.
3. The smallest element should not be less than 0.3 mm, and the spacing between them not smaller than 0.4 mm. If these gaps are smaller, "merging" may occur.
4. Gilding (silvering) in combination with convex UV varnish should be designed by 0.2 mm smaller. The point is that for technological reasons, gilding (or silvering) will actually cover a slightly larger area than in the design.

Velvet "soft touch" foil gives a card extraordinary matt expression - delicate in touch, no light reflections, colors have deep very soaked look.

Data sheet
Production time9 business days. Additional options may extend that period.
Size90x50 mm & 85x55 mm
Type of paperCoated paper
Weight (grammage)350 gsm
Spot UV varnishing possibilityNo
Embossing possibilityNo
Creasing possibilityNo
Folding possibilityNo
Hole punching possibilityYes
Round corners possibilityYes
Personalizing possibilityNo