Velvet "soft touch" business cards

Very gentle cards covered with nice velvet finished surface.

Soft - skin business cards. Nice smooth touching feeling. Embossed and spot UV

65.45  zł   -tax incl.

Velvet "soft touch" foil gives a card extraordinary expression - delicate in touch, no light reflections, colors have deep very soaked look.

Spot UV varnish when applied on matt surface makes selected elements, such as logo, graphics, name etc. beautifuly stand out. Also new elements can be made. Visible at some certain angle may enrich the artwork. Therefore spot UV backgrounds can be made as well as "watermarks", patterns, textures etc.

Hot stamping - spot foiling applied with hot stamp on the card. With this method we cover selected areas with metalic coloured foil. Very clear shiny elements attract attention thanks to a completely different reflection of light. We can use various colors, such as gold, silver, and other metallic character films.

At the moment we offer:

  • gold
  • silver
  • red
  • blue
  • green
  • black

Warning: please don't design spot UV varnish combined with hot stamping. Spot foiling on UV varnished places cannot be firmly fixed. If you choose hot stamping option please remember that different elements must be covered.

Embossing - highlighting selected element with customly prepared die. It may be logo, ornament, text, graphic sign or any custom shape. Best embossing effect are made with shapes simplified to maximum. Emphasized relief element is clearly perceptible to the touch and clearly visible. Please try to avoid embossed elements that have a very small and thin details (eg. too small texts).

Notes to embossing technique:

  • concavity on the back
    Embossed element on one side causes concavity on the back (debossing)
  • small detais
    In the case of embossing elements with sharp vertices some slight rounding occurs. Minimum size and width of the embossed detail is 0.9 mm. This is due to technological limitations.
  • tolerance
    So far, though, we try to stamp cards as accurately as possible, then there is some mismatch with the printout of up to 0.5 mm. Please be careful with design embossing that on the fron side and the back side are simultaneously coincide with the printout (on the back side mirror image of course). Inaccuracy in positioning of front side with reverse on the printout may also increase the mismatch of embossing up to 1 mm on one side.
Data sheet
Production time7 business days. Additional options may extend that period.
Size90x50 mm & 85x55 mm
LaminationSoft touch - "velvet paper"
Type of paperCoated paper
Weight (grammage)350 gsm
Spot UV varnishing possibilityNo
Embossing possibilityNo
Creasing possibilityNo
Folding possibilityNo
Type of printingOffset CMYK
Hole punching possibilityYes
Round corners possibilityYes
Personalizing possibilityNo