Raised spot UV business cards

Selected elements covered with spot UV glossy varnish, which remains raised after applying.

Business cards + domed spot UV varnish

82.74  zł   -tax incl.

Attractive business cards with raised glossy spot varnishing (spot UV).

The visual effect is made by varnishing selected spots with special transparent glossy varnish, which remains raised a little after applying. In combination with smooth matt foiled surface of the card, glossy varnished places definitelly stands out. Varnish is hardened with UV rays (ultra violet radiation). Thanks to this varnishing some important elements of the artwork may be accentuated and highlighted. You can make glossy logo, glossy picture, shiny UV texture in the background, or whotever you need. The varnished element have little raised structure, which can be recognized by touch.  

WARNING - due to a convex structure this kind of spot UV can be applied only to front side. We don't recommend artworks with spot UV exceeded to bleeds. The raised UV varnish may become frayed near the edges during cutting of the cards. We also don't recommend embossing of the elements covered with raised spot UV lacquer because of the cracks posibility. In both cases we recommend to use standard spot UV lacquer instead. Standard spot UV is resistant to this kind of treatments.

Data sheet
Production time8 business days. Additional options may extend that period.
Size90x50 mm & 85x55 mm
LaminationOnly matt
Type of paperCoated paper
Weight (grammage)350 gsm
Spot UV varnishing possibilityYes
Embossing possibilityYes
Creasing possibilityNo
Folding possibilityNo
Type of printingOffset CMYK
Hole punching possibilityYes
Round corners possibilityYes
Personalizing possibilityNo