Transparent plasic business cards

Business cards on transparent plastic board 0,75 mm . Frosted type of transparency.

Transparent plasic business cards

83.84  zł   -tax incl.

Cards of size 85x54 mm (typical credit card size) double-side printed with rounded corners. Full colour print plus white ground printing possibility on transparent plastic board. They exhibit exceptional durability and rigidity comparable to that of a credit card. Perfect as business cards, discount cards, loyalty cards, club cards, VIP card etc.

The whole pile of cards is cut by a special die-cut machine to avoid irregularities.

Attention: Cards cannot be printed at the egdes. This is because UV varnish is very hard and when die-cutting, the punch chips it off when leaving a card. We recommend applying 3 mm margins along the egdes of the card. Due to possible mismatch during die-cutting we recommend not to design frames.